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/ D. CREDIT CARDS Visa MasterCard American Express Department Stores etc. Type Credit Limit Minimum Monthly Payment TURN PAGE TO CONTINUE Catalog Number 62053J www.irs.gov Form 433-F Rev. 1-2017 Page 2 of 4 E. BUSINESS INFORMATION Complete E1 for Accounts Receivable owed to you or your business. What is the purpose of Form 433F Form 433-F is used to obtain current financial information necessary for determining how a wage earner or self-employed individual can satisfy an outstanding tax...
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Who needs Form 433-F?

Everyone who has an outstanding tax liability has to fill out this Form 433-F. This form is also obligatory while applying for an Installment Agreement as far as Form 4965 is submitted along with Form 433-F.

What is Form 433-F Used For?

Form 443-F is a collection information statement. This form is used for obtaining actual information about your financial status. Department of Trasury determines the way obligor can satisfy the tax debt after analysing all the given information.

Is Form 433-F Accompanied by Other Forms?

Whether you want an Installment Agreement you should attach Form 9465. You can also add extra sheets if you lack space while filling out any section.

What Information should be Provided in Form 433-F?

While filling out Form 433-F you should mention the following information:

  • Personal information including your name, address, SSN, your spouse's SSN, telephone numbers etc.

  • List of all accounts

  • List of all real estate you own or are purchasing (including home)

  • List of all vehicles you own, insurance polices, paintings, coin collection, antiques etc.

  • List of all credit cards and lines of credits

  • All wage and non-wage household income

  • Net rental income

  • Net Self-employment Income

  • Other income

  • Monthly necessary living expenses

If you are not sure about how to calculate the monthly amount, you can use tips on the page 4 of the Form 433-F. There are multipliers you need to find your monthly amount whether you are paid quarterly, weekly, biweekly or semimonthly.

Where do I Send Form 433-F?

After filling out Form 433-F you should file it to the Department of Treasury of the Internal revenue Service.

Hello Amanda Kendall it to resolve tax professionals here today I'm going to walk you through how to fill out a form for 3 3 F this form is going to be used for anyone who wants to set up a payment plan with the IRS and you have a balance under $50,000 but you can't pay it in full in six years to qualify for a streamlined installment agreement or anyone that owes over $50,000 but is not necessarily self-employed or you are assigned to the collections department if you are with a revenue officer you will want to fill out a form for 33a which you can find in another video for this form we are going to be filling this out for James and Amy Johnson if this address is different than the last filed return you would be checking this box in this case it is not so we're going to come down to their county of residence and say that they live in Denver County next section is going to be your social security number this is going to be the person listed first on this form which should match up with person listed first on a tax return you're going to want to into that then you're going to come down and enter then you're going to want to come down and list a phone number for at least one of you if not both of you then the next question is going to be enter the number of people in the household who can be claimed on this year's tax return including you and your spouse it's going to ask you for under 65 and over 65 both James and Amy are under 65 they also have a twelve-year-old son so we're going to put that they have three people to claim under the age of 65 on this year's tax return you can see here that this does ask you if you or your spouse are self-employed it or have self-employment income provide the following information we're going to go ahead and include that here but the form for 33 a is a much better form to use if you are self-employed I'm going to plug in Jay see I in here and he does home restoration but he does not have any employees so we're going to put that next section we get to here is section a this is accounts lines of credits this is going to include any bank accounts CDs retirement accounts 401ks Kiyo's set plans stocks bonds anything that you may have as far as an account so we're going to say they have a bank account with Wells Fargo you would want to put in the address here account numbers can be entered with X's in just the last four digits say they have $100 it is not a business account they also have an account with Chase Bank this is a checking account also with $800 in it they have a savings account with Chase Bank as well that has $100 in it and then James has a business account with Chase Bank it is a checking account it has $1,000 in it and we are going to mark this box to indicate that that is a business account next we're going to come down to real estate we're going to put in the description and location this is a single-family home and it is their home it is their primary residence they have a monthly mortgage payment of...
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